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L2 DESIGN! Planning a Learning Module (ESSENTIAL)

Workshop Date(s):

25 Jan 2019 (Fri) | 1300 - 1700 | Academia, L2-S1

2 Apr 2019 (Tue) | 1300 - 1700 | Academia, L2-S1

3 May 2019 (Fri) | 1300 - 1700 | KKH, Children's Tower, Level 4, GME Office Tutorial Room

10 Oct 2019 (Thu) | 1300 - 1700 | SKH, Medical Centre, Level 9, Training Room

5 Nov 2019 (Tue) | 1300 - 1700 | CGH, TBD

Facilitators: Ms Phoon Wai Yee and Ms Lee Sook May

Need to plan a new learning module but have no time to get round to it and no idea where to start?

This practical hands-on workshop is for you. Bring all relevant concepts, instructions and information you have to this workshop. You will learn about sound planning for effective learning, be given time to plan and obtain feedback to refine your instructional plan.


This planning workshop is part of the Level 2 Advanced Educators Workshops, designed to help interprofessional educators develop advanced competencies in the DESIGN! Domain.

In the Level 2 workshops, participants will engage in learning and have opportunities to apply what they have learnt within the workshop and on the work front. It will make a key difference in developing the capabilities of our educators and raising the standards of healthcare education.

Participants will:

  • Apply learning and teaching principles in the design of a course, unit, module or subject area.
  • Match course design to support different ways of learning and teaching.
  • Gather and interpret basic information on the needs of learner.
  • Construct appropriate learning outcomes that can be measured or judged.
  • Match learning method, experiences and resources to intended outcomes.

To achieve these competencies, participants will do the following:



  • Prepare for the workshop by completing pre-workshop assigned readings to acquire knowledge on learning theories and a step-by-step curriculum development framework.


  • Bring a concept of a learning module, lecture to be developed.
  • Apply knowledge to engage in Team-Based Learning activities and small group discussion 
  • Engage in project work by drafting a plan for a learning module demonstrating the effective use of the stated competencies.
  • Present the plan to the class and obtain feedback (suggestions/improvements).


  • Use feedback given to improve the plan and submit a revised copy to the workshop facilitator. Participants who demonstrate the stated competencies in the revised plan will be issued Certificates of Achievement.


Applicants are expected:

  • To have basic knowledge of learning and teaching principles and awareness of a range of learning methods.
  • To have completed pre-workshop assigned readings.
  • To bring a concept of a learning module they need to plan for and a laptop for individual project work.

Measurable Outcomes:

Instructional plan of a module using a curriculum development framework demonstrating stated competencies

Class Size:

10 to 16 participants


0.5 Day

Course Fee*:

This ½-day workshop is chargeable at S$250, subjected to prevailing GST rates.

*Course fee is subject to change


For 25 Jan 2019 session, registration is closed.

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