AM•EI Fellowship in Team Based Learning (FTBL)

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FTBL2019 Date(s):

Series 1: 22 - 26 Apr 2019 | 0900 - 1700 | Duke-NUS Medical School

Series 2: 20 - 24 Apr 2020 | 0900 - 1700 | Duke-NUS Medical School

The Fellowship in Team-Based Learning (FTBL) is a comprehensive fellowship and train-the-trainer programme that promotes a high degree of learners’ engagement, understanding and application of knowledge and skills using Team-Based Learning (TBL). The FTBL is designed for educators to learn, develop and implement innovative TBL approaches and techniques into their curriculum to enhance their teaching. The programme also offers the opportunity for participants to be certified as a trainer of basic TBL, and therefore suitable for those who have been asked to train others in this teaching methodology.

Programme Structure:

The two-year programme consists of two unique developmental weeklong series:

Series 1 introduces and trains on all the elements of preparing effective TBL modules – i.e. what they are, objectives, writing MCQs and applications, effective facilitation, and action planning. During this week, participants will be focusing on the following six modules:

1.1 Intro-to-TBL
1.2 Facilitation I
1.3 Designing Effective Objectives and Quality MCQs
1.4 Writing Powerful Applications
1.5 Creating an Effective TBL Module
1.6 Peer Evaluation

Series 2 takes place a year after Series 1, and is an advanced course after the participant has attempted to run some TBL modules. It focuses on educational scholarship, assessment, and advanced facilitation skills. During this week, participants will be focusing on the following six modules:

2.1 TBL Works in Progress (TWIP)
2.2 Facilitation II
2.3 TBL Consultant Trainer and Portfolio
2.4 Programme Evaluation
2.5 Scholarship in Education
2.6 Educational Leadership


Participants in the FTBL programme can look forward to receiving the following certificates at the end of each Series:

Series 1: Certificate of Participation

Series 2: Certificate of Achievement

In addition, and in collaboration with the Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC), participants in the FTBL programme who are registered TBLC members will receive the following certificates from TBLC at the end of each Series, at no added costs:

Series 1: Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL

Series 2: Practitioner of TBL*, or Trainer-Consultant in TBL*

*To attain the TBLC Practitioner of TBL or Trainer-Consultant in TBL certificates, participants will be assigned a mentor, and develop a corresponding TBL portfolio. More information will be shared at the start of each FTBL week.

Meet the Faculty:

Prof Sandy Cook

Prof Sandy Cook
Deputy Director, AM•EI

Assoc Prof Scott Compton

Assoc Prof Scott Compton
Associate Dean, MD Programmes

Dr Foo Yang Yann

Dr Foo Yang Yann
Lead Associate, AM•EI

Ms Prasiddha Rama Rao

Ms Prasiddha Rama Rao
Education Associate, AM•EI

Dr Sarada Bulchand

Dr Sarada Bulchand
Senior Research Fellow, AM•EI

Dr Sashikumar Ganapathy

Dr Sashikumar Ganapathy
Consultant, Emergency Medicine, KKH


Dr Suzanne Goh Pei Lin
Consultant, Paediatric Endocrinology, KKH



“The FTBL programme has inspired me to improve the way I teach, as I used to be inclined to teach didactically. Now, I have learnt how to LEAD – to learn, engage, apply and develop teaching materials.”

Dr Sadia Qazi, Lecturer Anatomy, College of Medicine, Alfaisal University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Participant from FTBL 2017)

“The FTBL programme has equipped me with an additional tool under my 'teaching/learning artillery'. It has inspired me to experiment with TBL and use it to engage learners in active learning. If you want to engage learners in active learning and to learn in teams, Team-Based Learning is definitely the way to go.”

Dr Clement Yan, Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Sengkang Health (Participant from FTBL 2017)

Course Fee:

As of September 2018, the AM•EI’s Fellowship in Team-Based Learning (FTBL) course fees* have been revised to the following:


Course Fees

Early Bird Rate

(20% off)

Scholarship Rate

(50% off)

Series 1

S$ 3,437.50

S$ 2,750.00

S$ 1,718.75

Series 2

S$ 2,187.50

S$ 1,750.00

S$ 1,093.75

Full Programme

S$ 5,625.00

S$ 4,500.00

S$ 2,812.50

*These fees cover tuition, all course materials, and select lunches from Monday to Friday. Overseas applicants are required to secure their own transportation and accommodation arrangements. New applicants are welcomed to register for either the Full Programme or just Series 1.

Early-Bird Rate: Register for the FTBL programme before 28 February 2019 to enjoy a further 20% off the original course fees. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with the scholarship or internal rates.

Scholarship Rate: A limited number of scholarships are available strictly for applicants based in underserved countries. Each applicant will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and final decision on the award will be made by the course directors.

Internal Rate: Full time staff of SingHealth and Duke-NUS are eligible for internal rates. Please contact the programme executive at for more information..

Registration for the FTBL2019 intake: