Clinical Quality & Services

The role of Anaesthesiologists has been expanding beyond the operating theatre into the field of perioperative care. Preoperative evaluation clinics, introduced in the last few years, have been a big leap in initiating Anaesthesiologists as perioperative physicians.  Anaesthesiologists are also well placed to effectively identify and manage complex medical problems of patients at particular risk from adverse effects of surgical treatment. 

The roles of Clinical Quality & Services council in ANAES ACP include:

  • Redefining and developing new care pathways with the emerging best evidence to deliver better perioperative care to patients
  • Introducing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathways to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery; encouraging collaboration between various disciplines and other ACPs 
  • Equipping staff with tools and providing a conducive environment to conduct Quality Improvement (QI) projects
  • Creating a shared database of anonymous anaesthetic incidents and quality indicators to spur proactive initiatives and collaborations for improvement in safety as well as quality
  • Ensuring Anaesthesiologists’ professional standards and well-being are upheld

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