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Help Us Conquer Chronic Pain

Pain team

Walking to the bus stop may be a simple everyday occurrence for most of us. But can you imagine if each step you took caused your body excruciating pain? If the thought of leaving the house filled your eyes with tears as you prepare to brace yourself against the slightest movement that could aggravate your chronic pain symptoms? That is the reality for many chronic pain patients everyday.

WHO estimates about 22% worldwide are affected by chronic pain. In many cultures, expressions of pain may be perceived as form of weakness; that the individual is not strong enough to overcome or cope with the pain. This often leads to low self-esteem and self-worth.

What often compounds the problem is that the pain that is experienced by the patients is often invisible. How do people empathize when they cannot see the pain externally? "I am in pain" should not be a stigma and define who we are. This campaign wants to educate and promote awareness of chronic pain within Asian cultures.

We want to improve medicine for pain management through research. 

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