Past Students (FY2015) - Ching Yin Ying

Ching Yin Ying - mentored by A/Prof Sng Ban Leong


“My name is Ching Yin Ying, I am currently a Year 4 student from Duke NUS medical school. I was under the mentorship of Dr Sng Ban Leong, Senior Consultant of Women's Anaesthesia and Director of the KK Research Centre, for my 3rd year research project.  We worked on several projects that focused on identifying risk factors associated with chronic postsurgical pain. One particular project which I found to be particularly exciting involved the study of functional MRI changes in regions of the brain that are linked to chronic postsurgical pain. 

These projects were very rewarding especially so because I have always been interested in understanding the neural mechanisms as well as functional and psychological aspects of chronic pain. It is my hope that with better understanding of the condition, more effective measures can be undertaken to relieve or even remove pain from patients who suffer from the various chronic pain conditions. 


With Dr Sng's unceasing and tireless support, the project was awarded the AM ETHOS Duke NUS Medical Student Research Award as well as the Khoo Student Research Award. I was also very fortunate to be able to present my project at the 16th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists and also at the Singhealth Duke NUS Congress. 

This past year that I have spent engaged in the various projects has deepened my understanding of chronic pain tremendously. Equally important, was the further strengthening of my confidence in pursuing a career as a clinician scientist in the field of anaesthesiology; perhaps with specialisation in chronic pain management too!”

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