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Strategic objectives

  1. Create a platform for FM education initiatives
  2. Encourage constant professional learning by Family Physicians (FPs) e.g. through continuing medical education (CME)
  3. Establish SingHealth as the preferred FM Residency program
  4. Provide quality medical student training in FM through strategic collaboration
  5. Promote FM as a medical discipline of choice




Programs and initiatives

  1. Develop and build upon the competencies of FPs by providing FM CME activities
  2. Increase capacity of FM Electives for more medical students
  3. FM Residency (postgraduate training)
  4. Support faculty and professional development in areas of medical education and formal FM postgraduate programmes
  5. Train and nurture faculty to participate in educational research


For more information, please contact the FM ACP secretariat at fm.acp@singhealth.com.sg.  

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