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Clinical Services


The Clinical Services pillar under the MSKSC ACP aims to achieve the following deliverables:

  • To develop integrated clinical care pathways spanning across the KKH, SGH and SKH institutions;
  • To redesign and refine current clinical workflows for patients with musculoskeletal conditions;
  • To establish a musculoskeletal performance assessment centre and registry of clinical outcomes for academic medicine pursuits
  • To establish and strengthen the growth of the Tissue and other Cell Therapy Banks and align strategic directions and service deliverables under the ACP.

Clinical Services Structure


The Clinical Services pillar is organized into three different lines: Inpatient, Ambulatory and Operating Theatres. The Deputy Vice Chairs will support the Clinical Services Vice Chair in the planning and implementation of clinical care pathways, integrated clinical services as well as the development of potential new clinical service lines under MSKSC ACP.


Integration of Musculoskeletal Ambulatory Services

In order to optimize patient experience, the disciplines under MSKSC ACP are looking to redesign and refine the current clinical workflows for musculoskeletal patients in the ambulatory clinics, which would be carried out in close partnership with the allied health and nursing professionals.

Acute Trauma Integrated Service

To address the current limitations of clinical care for trauma patients, the ACP proposes a fast track integrated trauma service between the three disciplines that will incorporate collaborative weekly calls between the Ortho, PRAS and Hand specialists, so as to allow for dedicated care of these patients.

Musculoskeletal Performance Assessment Centre

The current Orthopaedic Diagnostic Centre (“ODC”) at SGH will extend its patient outcomes monitoring and patient registry management to cover all three disciplines within MSKSC ACP. The long term aim is to transform it into a “Musculoskeletal Performance Assessment Centre” (MPAC) that will centralize all clinical registries under the MSKSC ACP.

Tissue and Cellular Therapy Banks

Skin Bank Unit – The main objective of the Skin Bank Unit (“SBU”) at SGH is to provide a ready source of donor skin allografts to treat severe burns patients in Singapore. SBU will serve as a “national” bank providing skin allografts for the treatment of severe burns in Singapore and within the Southeast Asia region.

Bone Bank – Bone graft is a common implant used for effective bone repair, especially in patients undergoing hip arthroplasty and spine surgeries. SGH Orthopaedic Surgery performs an estimated average of 200 cases of hip replacement surgery annually. The femoral head by-products of these surgeries can potentially be harvested and supplied as bone allografts for the bone repair surgeries under the Bone Bank, instead of being disposed as biological waste.

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