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The Musculoskeletal Sciences ACP (MSKSC ACP) was launched with effect from 1 July 2016. The birth of this new academic clinical programme aims to build upon the foundation already laid by Surgery ACP, so as to promote advances for the musculoskeletal specialties within the surgical community.

MSKSC ACP strives to achieve continual improvements in clinical outcomes and integrated clinical care for musculoskeletal patients. In line with our academic mission, there is also a focus on the provision of a holistic education for surgical trainees and clinicians; as well as on the development of a strong team of clinician researchers to drive medical innovation in musculoskeletal sciences. The establishment of a strong philanthropic culture within the ACP will serve to support these pillars of clinical care, education and research.

In MSKSC ACP, we are proud to have many dedicated clinicians and staff making outstanding contributions to academic medicine. It serves to open up broader pathways for all to redefine their roles in institutional clinical practice, thereby providing greater recognition for those with a keen interest in education and research. In so doing, nurture and deepen their commitments.

With the strive for advancements in the different pillars of medicine, namely, clinical care, education and research; the introduction of MSKSC ACP represents a major milestone that will undoubtedly go a long way in the progression of musculoskeletal sciences at SingHealth.


Assoc Prof Tan Mann Hong
Academic Chair
Musculoskeletal Sciences ACP

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