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Pre WSRM (World Society For Reconstructive Microsurgery) Microsurgery, Robotics And Cadaveric Perforator Flap Course 2017

The course was held from June 8th -12th 2017 and it covered the latest developments in reconstructive and microsurgery. Well known plastic and reconstructive surgeons who are pioneers in this field, shared their experience and insights in the field of perforator flaps and robotic surgery to manage patients with disfiguring defects. The aim of this session was to raise awareness and to develop the use of this new and exciting technology, for the purpose of reconstructive and microsurgery. Robotic surgery has opened new horizons in minimally invasive procedures.

Robotic applications have officially entered the field of plastic surgery, capitalizing on two principle advantages: improved visualization and improved precision. This technology, if applied correctly and skillfully, will ultimately lead to reduced patient morbidity, shorter recovery times and improved patient outcomes. Harvesting of perforator flaps are an essential skill that requires a steep learning curve and hence such courses are indispensable for trainees. Hence, this session had an important contribution to the field of Reconstructive, Plastic and Microsurgery in Singapore. This will in turn have significant implications for the future of the many patients who undergo disfiguring oncological resections, or suffer disfiguring trauma in Singapore.






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