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The Research pillar under MSKSC ACP aims to achieve the following deliverables:

  • To create a sustainable culture of research and development in areas of cellular and tissue- based therapy, biomechanics, health services and outcomes research, as well as device development.
  • To identify and support aspiring individuals interested in research-focused careers.

Research Structure

The pillar is organised along two core research programmes of cellular and tissue-based therapy as well as biomechanics. The MSKSC ACP Research group seeks to establish these core programmes, supported by the supporting offices that will allow our clinicians to be at the forefront of their clinical domain specialties.


Core programme: Cellular and tissue-based therapy

This core research programme seeks to build up relevant expertise in cell and tissue culture for orthopaedic, hand and plastic applications, large animal translational research for clinical trials, application of GMP-grade cells in clinical trials and stem cell research.

Core programme: Biomechanics

The main focus of this core research programme will be research on the biomechanical performance of orthopaedic implants and bone constructs as well as joint kinematics and kinetics. The ACP seeks to further develop our research in soft tissue and/or cellular level biomechanics, and maybe to develop a facility capable of medical device/implant testing as well as conduct failure analysis.

Health Services & Outcomes Research

The aim is to expand our current capability of collecting measured outcome scores for MSK patients, by building on the current infrastructure available at the Orthopaedic Diagnostic Centre (ODC). The data collected will allow us to rigorously pursue evidence-based clinical research that can lead to better outcomes for our patients.

Musculoskeletal Sciences Device Development

The device development office aims to support research in innovative medical devices/implants with potential for commercialization, and to facilitate the necessary administrative processes of IP protections and patent applications, where applicable.

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