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SingHealth Duke-NUS Surgical and Anaesthesia Congress 2017

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Surgical and Anaesthesia Congress was held from 28 July to 6 August 2017. This year's theme, Collaborating to Advance Surgical & Anaesthetic Care, saw healthcare professionals from the Musculoskeletal Sciences ACP collaborating with those from other disciplines to promote the importance of cross-disciplinary care.

The main congress, which spanned over two days from 4 to 5 August, comprised of more than 40 plenary sessions and multi-disciplinary symposiums for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. There were also a series of pre and post-conference procedural as well as team-based simulation workshops for participants to hone their skills further.

We were delighted to have Professor Howard Levinson, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Duke University Durham who is at the forefront of translational research, as one of our speakers. He shared on how basic science research is being integrated into advances in surgical implants.


Pre & Post-Conference Workshops


Vascularized Composite Tissue Allotransplantation Workshop - 1 August 2017


Vascularized Composite Tissue Allotransplantation (VCAT) has become widely accepted as the current gold standard for reconstruction. The ability to restore complete function and aesthetics to complex defects is now reality. To date, there have been 38 facial VCAT and hundreds of hand VCAT. Knowledge of processes, anatomy and immunology is vital to the success of VCAT.

In this course, participants learnt about face and hand VCAT processes, anatomy and immunology through the use of face and hand fresh cadaver demonstrations and participation in group cadaver dissections. They also performed transplants between fresh cadavers.







Medtronic OLIF™ Course - 2 August 2017


The Medtronic Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) Procedure provides spine surgeons with a complete minimally invasive solution for the treatment of degenerative lumbar conditions.

By utilizing an oblique lateral approach to the spine, this procedure enables placement of a large interbody graft into the disc space for anterior column support while avoiding obstacles associated with traditional anterior, posterior and/or direct lateral approaches. This procedure also incorporates a comprehensive set of instruments and implants including fully integrated neuromonitoring and navigation, streamlined access instrumentation, anatomically designed implants and precutaneous fixation systems.

Participants were able to get hands-on application in both dry and wet labs. They understood the application of different minimally invasive approaches, analyzed indications and potential complications for such techniques, and were able to recommend appropriate surgical treatments. They were also given opportunities to identify anatomy and landmarks for various surgical approaches.





Legion Knee Primary to Revision Workshop - 2 August 2017


The workshop provided Arthroplasty Surgeons with instructional and hands-on experience detailing the current trends and advances in Revision Knee Surgery using Smith & Nephew Advanced Revision Knee Surgery products. Participants discussed and debated contemporary topics in Primary and Revision Knee Surgery, as well as demonstrated the results of those discussions during cadaveric workshops. They also learnt how to use the Smith & Nephew Primary and Revision Knee System effectively and safely.





Zimmer Biomet Oxford Parial Knee Instructional Course with Bioskills Workshop - 5 to 6 August 2017


The course enabled doctors to understand the principles behind the Oxford Partial Knee system. Participants were able to make decisions on which patients are more suitable for Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty in order for them to have a better post-operative recovery. Course participants also learnt about the indications for the Oxford Partial Knee as well as the safe and effective surgical techniques for successful implantation.


Exactech Knee Workshop - 4 to 5 August 2017


The Knee Navigation System offers a personalized surgical workflow that allows for efficiency and reproductibility in total knee surgery. Customized for surgeon preferences, Exactech GPS® Guided Personalized Surgery merges sophisticated technology with innovative instrumentation for a surgeon-controlled, real-time and patient-specific solution. This course offered participants the opportunity to learn advanced surgical techniques, as well as the tricks of the trade options with instrumentation and GPS® from experienced instructors.

Participants learnt advanced in-knee surgical techniques, observe and learn the GPS® Guided Personalized Surgery Technique and have direct hands-on practice with the Logic Knee Instrumentation plus GPS® with biopsies on Full Knee Models and Tissue.


CONMED Arthroscopy Cadaver Workshop - 4 to 5 August 2017


This workshop provided by CONMED, was designed to increase healthcare professionals' knowledge of new technology in sports medicine. Participants were equipped with the knowledge in advance sports medicine surgical techniques for knee and shoulder, and also provided them with the opportunity to observe and learn the Conmed GraftMax & Y-Knot. They got to have direct hands-on practice with ConMed Knee/Shoulder Instrumentation with knee and shoulder implants.


Triathalon Primary Total Knee Replacement - 6 August 2017


This one-day primary knee course focused on a series of morning lectures that talked about the background and principles of a Total Knee Arthroplasty. It was followed by a hands-on cadaveric practice session of the procedure in the afternoon.

Participants gained knowledge of the principles of a TKA, and received comprehensive hands-on practice on the procedure with added tips and tricks to tackle different situations.


Surgical Treatment Options in the Management of Hip Fractures - 6 August 2017


With the increase of elderly hip fracture incidents, the diagnosis and management of these patients is a critical skill to master for any Orthopaedic surgeon. Hence, this one-day course focused on discussing practical approaches to managing hip fractures among the elderly.

Participants were equipped with knowledge on surgical treatment options for hip fractures, patient selections and other intra-op treatment tips and tricks. They received hands-on exposure on handling bipolars and peri-prosthetic fractures management.



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