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Strategic Initiatives


The Strategic Initiatives Office helps to ensure the financial sustainability of the MSKSC ACP for funding of key programmes and initiatives in the three pillars of Research, Education and Clinical Services as well as the associated support required. It involves planning for the infrastructural requirements under the MSKSC ACP.

The Strategic Initiatives Office works closely with the surgical faculty, medical students as well as the industry to adopt new ideas in our clinical practice. Technologies identified for development include robotics, minimally-invasive and navigation surgery etc.

Strategic Initiatives Structure


An endowment and philanthropy sub-pillar will be established to focus on fundraising activities for the MSKSC ACP. The Office will work with the various disciplines to identify project infrastructural needs as well as collaborate with institutional and external stakeholders to operationalize these requirements.

In addition, the Office will engage in strategic talent management and retention activities, as well as identify new practices and technologies in patient care delivery. A centralised data analytics framework will also be developed to support the informational requirements of research, education and clinical services.


  • To develop a strong network of philanthropic donors and engage in fundraising activities for initiatives and programmes developed under the MSKSC ACP.
  • To establish the setup of donor endowments and professorships and collaborate with industry partners to develop sponsorship for MSKSC ACP programmes.
  • To identify emerging technological and surgical advances for application in research, education and clinical care.
  • To engage key talent through talent retention strategies and identify potential successors.
  • To project infrastructural requirements and collaborate with campus development stakeholders to develop key facilities for the respective multidisciplinary initiatives.
  • To build a centralised data repository consolidating the information across the different departments and disciplines under the MSKSC ACP for data mining.

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