Medicine ACP aims to improve patient outcomes through high value research.  We have developed the following strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Developing clinical scientists/investigators
  • Developing high impact research
  • Applying research findings to clinical care

We work closely with our academic partners to achieve our goal.



Nurturing Clinician Scientist (NCS) Programme

The NCS programme was launched in 2011 with an aim to nurture clinicians with a strong passion in research by providing funding for their research projects. Currently, in the 7th year of the programme, our total number of NCS awardees is now 14. This programme has been a successful stepping stone for clinician-researcher to compete for national grants such as NMRC Transition Award (TA) and NMRC Clinician Scientist Award (CSA).

Pitch for Fund & Junior Pitch for Fund Programme

The Pitch for Funds programme was initiated in 2013 to provide seed funds for junior doctors, namely, junior residents/medical officers (Junior Pitch for Funds) and senior residents/registrars (Pitch for Funds) to develop their research interests and kick start their research projects. Short-listed candidates are required to present their research proposal to a panel of judges who will choose the winners. Currently, we have 9 awardees under Junior Pitch for Funds and 14 awardees under the Pitch for Funds programme.


Guided by the principles of collaboration for impact and disciplined pursuit of less but better, Medicine ACP has intentionally set out to identify strategic focus areas to grow research. The aim of this strategy is to develop nationally and internationally competitive reseach programmes.


This strategy began with systematic identification of the fields of knowledge to advance or practical problems to solve as the focal points for research collaboration which we termed as strategic research focus areas.  They are further classified into two groups: multidisciplinary Divisional Research Focus Areas (DIVRFAs) and discipline specific Departmental Research Focus Areas (DEPRFAs). Both DIVRFAs and DEPRFAs can become internationally competitive research programmes.


While DEPRFAs are situated in existing clinical departments, DIVRFAs are broader and require dedicated organisational effort to develop.  Therefore, Medicine ACP will initially concentrate on facilitating the growth of identified DIVRFAs. DEPRFAs are encouraged to tap on the existing infrastructure within departments to continue their growth.  Both DIVRFAs and DEPRFAs are expected to strive for excellence through creative and effective research collaborations towards the common goal of better medicine and better patient care.


The selection process of the strategic research focus areas started in June 2016 with nominations by the Heads of Departments in the Medicine ACP, followed by classification of the nominations and selection of DIVRFAs that align with national priorities or the aims of the Center Grant 2017-2020 and have a clinical champion to drive the development of each area. It concluded in May 2017 with endorsement of the selected DIVRFAs by the Medicine ACP Council and appointment of a champion for each selected area by the Chair of the Medicine ACP. 

The three selected areas and their champions are:



If you are interested to collaborate in any of these areas of research, please contact us at



The health services research team and the quality improvement team in our ACP work closely together to facilitate the integration of research with practice.



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