Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (CCRS)

ONCO-ACP Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme

This is a joint program of the Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (CCRS) and NCC Research Fund which provides funding support to investigators including junior doctors, scientists and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) to delve into their topic of interests in Oncology within the SingHealth Campus.

The program aims to foster inter-institutions within Singhealth and Duke-NUS campus collaboration for cancer research work and provide a nurturing environment where outstanding and collaborative endeavors can be achieved through partnership between Principal Investigators with a senior established mentor.

This program provides funding to support projects in preparation for competing for future national and international grants.

Funding Details

Funding amount is capped at $100,000 for 1 year. It is renewable for 1 additional year, based on competitive selection, against the pool of new applicants in the following year.

Eligibility Criteria

It must be jointly applied by 2 applicants: A Clinician/Scientist/AHP & An Established Mentor.

They must fulfill the following employment status (FTE) criteria to be eligible to receive funding support: 

§  PhD (≥ 0.8 FTE in NCC/ Duke NUS/ SingHealth)

§  Clinicians/AHPs with primary appointment at NCCS/ SingHealth Institution

§  Clinicians should be at Consultant, Associate Consultant, Registrar or Resident level

Click here for more details on Guidelines & Eligibility Criteria*

*Terms and conditions of the fund will be reviewed in 2015

Acknowledgement of funding support from NCC Research Fund and Oncology ACP

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