We are committed to transforming tomorrow’s medicine and you are a vital partner in our efforts to improve patients’ lives. Contributions you make towards the Paediatrics Academic Clinical Program will help fund the research and education collaborations between SingHealth and Duke-NUS that are so essential for the next medical breakthrough.

Your generosity will help our clinician scientists translate meaningful scientific discoveries into quality innovations in patient treatment and care, and spur our clinician educators to build on the legacy of esteemed physicians who passed their knowledge on to the next generation.

All eligible donations will attract a dollar-to-dollar matching grant from the Singapore Government – effectively doubling your gift’s impact to the Academic Medicine Research and Education programs. Your donation will also enjoy a 250% tax deduction if you are a Singapore tax resident or company.

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Source: Special Delivery, Mar-Apr 2014, Vol 62 Issue 02, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital


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