Pathology Academic Clinical Programme

An Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) is a cluster-wide framework for all clinical specialties to advance in Academic Medicine with resources and funding support from SingHealth and Duke-NUS. Each ACP brings together specialists in a particular discipline from different institutions to maximise the power of shared knowledge and resources. The formation of ACPs taps on the combined strengths of the partnership between the SingHealth Group and Duke-NUS. Research, scholarly work and education contribute to the enhancement of patient care. ACPs give recognition to clinicians who have been contributing actively to teaching and research as multi-disciplinary teams that strive to improve patient care and outcomes.

The Pathology Academic Clinical Programme (Pathology ACP) was part of the third wave of ACPs that was rolled out in January 2013.


About Us

Pathology ACP has its roots in the Pathological Department of the early 20th century when the Municipal Commissioners of Singapore set up a laboratory service in 1903. The Pathological Department, as it was known then, did much to improve public health in Singapore by investigating and detailing sources of infection and pollution. A more accurate picture of the state of health of its people emerged through painstaking autopsy work and documentation of subsequent investigations and results.

Now, over a hundred years later, in the 21st century, the Department has expanded from the solo pathologist practice of the early 1900s to a modern facility providing comprehensive laboratory services to meet our patient needs. The spirit and mission of the Department – the quest for knowledge in disease continues unabated.


Vision Moving Forward

To be an internationally recognised academic pathology programme that delivers the best theranostic care for our patients.


Departments under Pathology ACP

1) Department of Anatomical Pathology, Singapore General Hospital

2) Department of Clinical Pathology, Singapore General Hospital

3) Department of Molecular Pathology, Singapore General Hospital

4) Department of Microbiology, Singapore General Hospital

5) Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

6) Department of Pathology, Sengkang Health

7) Department of Laboratory Medicine, Changi General Hospital


Structure (click image for larger view)


1st Pathology ACP Retreat on 15 March 2014

Path ACP Retreat 2014

Pathology ACP’s first retreat was held on 15 March 2014. Pathologists and allied health professionals from SGH Department of Pathology and KKH Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine attended the retreat.

In Prof Tan Puay Hoon, Academic Chair of Pathology ACP’s introductory address, she announced the achievements by Pathology ACP in FY2013 and the vision moving forward, i.e. “To be an internationally recognised academic pathology programme that delivers the best theranostic care for our patients.”

The event was graced by important guests, Prof Soo Khee Chee and Prof Tan Kok Hian from the Academic Medicine Executive Committee (AMExco) who shared on “The Vision for Academic Medicine in SingHealth – what does it mean for the person on the ground” and ‘Nuts and bolts of Academic Medicine – how Joint Office of Academic Medicine (JOAM) facilitates”.

Other highlights of the retreat included group discussions in the areas of research, education and clinical collaboration led by the various key appointment holders in Pathology ACP (A/Prof Nancy Tee, A/Prof Tony Lim, A/Prof Koh Tse Hsien and Dr Kenneth Chang). Interesting topics discussed and presented at the retreat included:

  • Continuing Education for Pathologists
  • Raising the Profile of Pathology
  • Raising the bar - Technology and Education in Pathology
  • Elevating research in Pathology
  • Enhancing Clinical Collaboration
  • Career tracks in research and education for Allied Health Professionals - What, how and who?


Contact Pathology ACP for more information:

Ms Cai Huiling, Singapore General Hospital
Email: cai.huiling@sgh.com.sg





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