2014 Research Grand Rounds

Date Topics Speakers
29 Jan 2014 Researh in Uropathology - Perspectives from Karolinska Institute

Prof Lars Egevad
Karolinska Institute

25 Apr 2014 Updates from the Singapore Lymphoma Study Group

A/Prof Lim Soon Thye
Senior Consultant & HOD,
Div of Medical Oncology, NCCS

25 Aug 2014 Molecular Analysis of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolates from an Intensive Care Unit

Dr Sharon Goh Hwee Mian
Research Fellow, SCELCE, NTU

01 Oct 2014 Individualized Molecular Profiling for Assigning Cancer Therapeutics (IMPACT) Dr Daniel Tan
Consultant, Div of Medical Oncology, NCCS
Clinical Metabolomics @ POLARIS: Exploring the Potential of Small Molecule Biomarkers in Disease Diagnostics Dr Ho Ying Swan
Staff Scientist, BTI A*STAR


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