2017 Research Grand Rounds


Date Topics Speakers
24 Feb 2017 Brain Banking - Nuts and Bolts

Prof Roger E. McLendon
Department of Pathology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, USA 

2 May 2017 The NNI Programme in Precision Medicine in Glioblastoma

A/Prof Ang Beng Ti
Senior Consultant & Head Department of Neurosurgery (SGH), NNI

13 Oct 2017 Drugs and Bugs: What have we learnt from genomics about the remarkable success of MRSA?

Prof Matthew Holden
School of Medicine, University of St Andrews, UK

22 Nov 2017 Single cell transcriptome analysis of human tumour-infiltrating T regulatory cells

Prof Sergio Abrignani
Istituto Nazionale di Genetica Molecolara(INGM)

Prof Massimiliano Pagani
Istituto Nazionale di Genetica Molecolara(INGM)

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