Basic Specialist Training (BST) / Advanced Specialist Training (AST)

In addition to our Residency programme in Anatomic Pathology, we offer BST/AST training for Microbiology and Chemical Pathology.


Microbiology Training Programme

Microb BST ASTThe Microbiology Training Programme is a five-year programme designed to provide broad coverage of all aspects of diagnostic microbiology, including virology, bacteriology, immunology, serology, Tuberculosis and molecular. The programme is accomplished by rotational assignments in each section. This experience fosters close interaction with faculty microbiologists, infectious diseases physicians and allied health professionals. Trainees are expected to become competent in a wide variety of microbiological techniques, interpretation of results, and formulation of investigative strategies with clinicians, including in Infection Control.


Chemical Pathology Training Programme

ChemPathThe Chemical Pathology Training Programme is a five-year programme designed to train chemical pathologists to oversee and govern a clinical biochemistry laboratory and contribute to clinical investigation and management of patients. The programme enables trainees to acquire knowledge in biochemistry, physiology and general pathology, biochemical basis of disease, analytical techniques, and laboratory administration and management. The programme includes close interaction and communication with the faculty chemical pathologists and allied health professionals.


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