Database Registry

  • Director: Dr Lee Lui Shiong
  • To build a sustainable data management team to support the departments in Surgery ACP in database management 
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  • Flowchart on creating and/or maintaining databases:

Flowchart for REDCap database creation

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What database will be used for the project?

A: We are mainly utilizing REDCap, which is an open-source consortium web-based software that is targeted for clinical research with databases. The software is linked to a backend SQL server managed by iHiS (providing security and backup management). Advantages of using REDCap are:


-          Multi-user web based setup

-          Online designer for creation of databases

-          Equipped for longitudinal studies with scheduling function

-          Easy export to various formats (SPSS, Excel, R, SAS and Stata)

-          Import of current data via CSV / Excel format


Q: My department already has a database that is being collected via SPSS / Excel, will it be possible to seek assistance from the registry?

A: Once approved, we will convert all existing databases in the current format to the REDCap platform that is more flexible and easier to use for data collection, accessible from any computer terminal via the web application. For collection of prospective data, we will further discuss on the frequency and the methods / processes suited to the needs of your department


Q: How much would it cost for me to set up a database?

A: Currently, in order for the maintenance and collection of prospective data, we would require an amount of FTE which would be discussed further upon meeting up. A simple acknowledgement for the use of the registry services would also be needed when a paper is being produced or when brought upon for presentation at conferences.


Q: I currently have a small research project and would like to set up a database. Is it possible?

A: Currently, we are supporting department level projects, thus if your HOD approves it to be such we will proceed where necessary. Otherwise, we are still able to assist in terms liaising with the relevant REDCap administrators once your project has an approved IRB and any assist in further queries regarding the REDCap system.


Q: I do not wish to use the REDCap system, is there any other alternative that I can use?

A: We would be able to support and provide services where data collection is needed for research projects and are able to further discuss on the best solution to suit your requirements by using tools such as Excel, Access or any other relational databases. However, we would suggest the REDCap environment as the go-to system for its stability and security protocols in place.


Q: Are there any other services that the registry can provide?

A: We are looking into improving the existing systems to minimize multiple entries for operational data and research data. We are also looking to provide a platform to share knowledge and data amongst various departments and facilitate collaborations and outcome studies on the Surgery ACP level.


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