The Education Committee’s primary aim is to facilitate and enhance the education programmes for all surgical disciplines under Surgery ACP. Currently the focus of our programme is on the following three main areas. In time to come, more initiatives will be rolled out.

1) Consolidation of surgical skill training courses and provision of all required courses for surgical residency training. The Committee will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure their needs are met and appropriate resources are made available.

2) Developing common teaching tools and aids for undergraduate medical students for both NUS-YLL and Duke-NUS medical schools. We also aim to provide the necessary skill training programmes for the students to prepare them for internship and residency training.

3) Promote active participation of faculty development programmes. We recognize that there is a need to encourage more faculty and residents to take an active role in faculty development to improve the quality of their teaching and assessment skills. It is also important for them to impact knowledge and skills to the next generation of doctors. We will work closely with AM•EI (Academic Medicine Education Institute), CRAFD (Centre for Resident and Faculty Development) and SingHealth Academy to bring relevant programmes to our busy clinicians.

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Surgery ACP Education Retreat

On Saturday, 18 May 2013, the first Surgery ACP Education Retreat was held.

Prof London Ooi warmed the participants with his welcome address.

Prof London Ooi

Prof Wong Wai Keong gave an overview of Education in Surgery ACP and shared some food for thought.

Prof Wong Wai Keong

The retreat was attended by more than 60 participants, including the Surgery ACP Key Appointment Holders, SGH and KKH Surgical Heads, Residency Programme Directors and Executives, SSSC Platform Directors and Administrators.

Some key education partners shown below were also present for the event:

  1. Prof Robert Kamei - Vice Dean, Education, Co-Director, Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI)
  2. Assoc Prof Sandy Cook- Senior Associate Dean, Office of Education, Duke-NUS, Chief, Pedagogy, AM•EI
  3. Assoc Prof Scott Allen Compton - Associate Dean, Medical Education, Research & Evaluation, Duke-NUS
  4. Assoc Prof Lim Boon Leng - Designated Institutional Official (DIO), SingHealth Residency
  5. Dr Peter Mack - Director, SGH-Institute for Medical Simulation & Education (IMSE)


The objectives of the retreat were:
1) To bring our partners in education together to look at education as a whole instead of separate entities
2) To examine if the current system is adequate for training of doctors
3) To explore opportunities for improvement

All the discussions were focused on the areas of Surgical Training for Doctors, Medical Student Education and Faculty Development.

Part 1: Surgical Training

SSSC: Heralding A New Era for Surgical Skills Training Presented by Assoc Prof Andrew Tan Hwee Chye, Director, SSSC
IMSE: How Medical Simulation Enhances the Residency Programme Presented by Dr Peter Mack, Director, IMSE
Breakout Discussion Facilitated by Dr Caroline Ong, Deputy Vice Chair, Education (Designate) and Deputy Director, Surgical Residency, Surgery ACP

Part 2: Medical Student Education & Faculty Development

Surgical Education for Medical Students Presented by Assoc Prof Ong Hock Soo, Director, Medical Student Affairs, Surgery ACP
What is AM•EI and what will it offer to SingHealth Educators Presented by Assoc Prof Sandy Cook, Senior Associate Dean, Office of Education, Duke-NUS and Chief, Pedagogy, AM•EI
Breakout Discussion Facilitated by Assoc Prof Tay Sook Muay, Director, Continuing Education), Surgery ACP

The extensive sharing from the participants in both Part 1 and 2 was very encouraging. Participants also shared the challenges faced by the clinicians. The guests from various institutions enlivened the discussions and facilitated the exploration of education initiatives.

This retreat will be the start of Surgery ACP’s engagement with the surgical heads and residency programme directors. Surgery ACP will work closely with them to gather feedback and implement education initiatives to meet the needs of the various stakeholders.






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