Building capacity and capability of our AM Administrators is key for successful implementation of Academic Medicine initiatives.

The AM Administrators Development Framework, an initiative by the Joint Office of Academic Medicine, is designed to nurture our AM Administrators and their administrative teams, who can pave the way in AM transformation, in partnership with the ACP Chair and key appointment holders. The Framework features Academic Sharing, Best Practice Coaching and enhancing Manager Development and Leadership Development.

The 5 areas of focus are:

1. Orientation for New Staff/Appointment: to share AM structure, priorities, and framework for collaboration

2. AM Foundation & Professional Equipping: to develop broad professional skills for all levels of ACP and AM Administrators

3. AM Best Practice "Coaching": to share and cultivate best practices within the AM community

4. Academic Sharing & Master-class: to promote academic sharing within the AM community

5. Managers Development & Leadership Development: to develop leadership capabilities of key AM administrators

This Programme is an on-going collaboration with the Office of Duke-NUS Affairs, Duke University.


AM Activities 

o    The Joint Office of Academic Medicine warmly welcomes our new ACP and AM Administrators to the AM community. Our Administrators will continue to be our partners in our efforts in driving AM transformation.

o    Building good relations is one of the key steps in achieving our goals. The AM Administrators Forum 2014 brings the AM community together by 'Working Hand in Hand to advance Academic Medicine'!

o    Watch the Interview with Patricia Joseph, Director, Office of Duke-NUS Affairs, on Administrators best practices

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