Academic Administrator Fellowship

Academic Administrator Fellowship

The Academic Administrator Fellowship is an AM-ETHOS initiative for Academic Medicine Administrators. The fellowship provides an opportunity for key Administrators from SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs) and Joint Institutes to become outstanding Administrators through broader exposure and development opportunities by means of collaboration efforts and mentorship with Senior Administrators in Duke Health, Durham, USA.

Under this fellowship, it provides funding for a 2-4 weeks understudy programme with a Duke Senior Administrator at Duke Health, Durham, USA. Upon completion of the AM-ETHOS Academic Administrator Fellowship, the Academic Administrator Fellow is expected to be an excellent and effective Academic Administrator who is able to apply the learning outcomes and advance SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC.

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The call for FY2016 has now closed – thank you all for your applications!     


The Fellowship is for a key senior Academic Administrator who meets the following criteria:

  • Served and contributed for at least 3 years in AM joint programmes and initiatives of SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC including ACPs and Joint Institutes
  • Is actively contributing to the advancement of Academic Medicine and medical education at Duke-NUS AMC and/or demonstrates high leadership potential. Nomination/Letter of Recommendation from the ACP Academic Chair/Key Appointment Holders in SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC will be advantageous.



The objectives of the Academic Administrator Fellowship are to:

a) Develop administrative and leadership competencies in various roles and responsibilities in Academic Medicine and medical education;

b) Leverage best practices at Duke Health to cultivate a vibrant Academic Medicine culture at and drive administrative excellence at SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC;

c) Facilitate mutual learning, cross-exposure and immersion across the two AMCs which will deepen collaboration ties and broaden learning opportunities for Academic Administrators; and

d) Recognise and support the development of excellent and passionate role models who will mentor junior Academic Administrators.


Funding Support

This Fellowship provides travel support for the Academic Administrator Fellow and the assigned Duke Senior Administrator awardee pair to visit each other so as to understand and work closely together to build stronger collaboration ties between the two AMCs.


Application & Review Process

Application will consist of the following:

a) Completed Registration Form for AM-ETHOS AM Administrator Fellowship;

b) Completed Professional Development Plan with clear outcomes and goals;

c) Updated CV enclosure; and

d) Written recommendation from ACP Academic Chair/Key Appointment Holder/Head of Department in SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC.


July to August 2016

A Review Panel will review all applications, which will then be put through a matching process to identify the most suitable Duke Senior Administrator based on the Professional Development Plan and the Academic Administrator Fellow’s needs.


September 2016

After successful matching, the Academic Administrator Fellow – Senior Duke Administrator pairs will be tabled for award approval by Academic Council and updated to the Academic Medicine Executive Committee (AM EXCO).


October 2016

Successful Academic Administrator Fellows will be notified of their enrolment into the AM-ETHOS Academic Administrator Fellowship. 

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The call for FY2016 has now closed – thank you all for your applications!   

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