Academic Medicine Fellows Exchange Programme

Academic Medicine Fellows Exchange Programme

Application will commence later in FY2016.

The Academic Medicine Fellows Exchange Program is a joint academic development initiative by SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Centre (AMC), Singapore and Duke Health, Durham, USA, and is an AM-ETHOS initiative.

The objectives of this academic development initiative are to:

  • Foster academic exchanges between SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC and Duke Health to develop research ideas, best practices and teaching/mentoring methodologies;
  • Facilitate development of the academic mission of SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programs (ACPs), clinician-scientists, clinician-educators and collaborative initiatives; and
  • Foster long term academic collaboration between faculty from Duke Health in Durham and SingHealth Duke-NUS in Singapore.



This Fellowship is targeted primarily at SingHealth Duke-NUS Faculty who has demonstrated high academic potential. For example, a good candidate will be an Associate Consultant or a newly promoted Consultant whose research experience, albeit short is indicative of a strong likelihood of him/her becoming an established clinician-scientist.


Outcomes & Objectives

Within 3 months from completion of the Fellowship, the SingHealth Duke-NUS faculty is required to submit a Post Fellowship Completion Report to the Academic Medicine Fellows Exchange Program Secretariat (c/o JOAM).

In addition, the SingHealth Duke-NUS faculty should expect having to present his/her fellowship experience at a meeting of the Academic Council and/or the Academic Medicine Executive Committee meeting.

Funding Support

The SingHealth Duke-NUS awardee will not be disadvantaged employment-wise by taking up this Fellowship. Throughout the fellowship period, the awardee’s primary institution will continue to pay the fellow’s salary and bear all salary-related expenses.

SingHealth Duke-NUS will directly bear all fellowship-related expenses. Such expenses will be transparent to the faculty concerned (as they are typically transactions between sending and receiving institutions to enable the extended presence of a SingHealth Duke-NUS faculty at Duke Health, Durham, USA). 

The SingHealth Duke-NUS faculty will qualify for a Lump Sum payable to an awardee (to cover his/her economy return air passage, maintenance allowance, etc. for the duration of the Fellowship).


Application & Review Process

A selection panel will be formed to review, evaluate and recommend the most suitable application(s) for an award. This panel will consist of five (5) to seven (7) senior leaders from SingHealth, Duke-NUS and Duke Health, Durham, USA.

Recommendation(s) of the selection panel will be tabled for joint approval of GCEO SingHealth and Dean Duke-NUS; and their decision shall be final.

FY2015 Awardee

Dr Jasmine Chung

Application will commence later in FY2016.

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