Duke-NUS Medical Student Research Fellowship

Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship


The Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship (Duke-NUS MSF) is an AM-ETHOS initiative which provides funding support for Duke-NUS Medical Students who are undertaking their Year 3 research/scholarly projects with a Mentor from the Academic Clinical Programme (ACP).

The Duke-NUS MSF hopes to spur the Duke-NUS Medical Students’ academic interest and experience, and at the same time, strengthen the Medical Student-ACP Mentor and ACP engagement. This is important for Duke-NUS as an academic medical school and for the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre to identify student talents early on for medical pipeline development. 

“The Duke-NUS MSF is a testament to the SingHealth
Duke-NUS AMC's dedication to nurturing clinician-scientists from the get-go. This fellowship has enabled physicians-in-training to pursue academic inquiry to a deeper level, while also providing invaluable opportunities to be immersed in dynamic and exciting clinical fields of their choice.”

Mr Brian Chan
Year 3 Duke-NUS Medical Student,
Class President – Class of 2017,

“The Duke-NUS MSF award has given me the financial opportunity to collaborate with the Department of Radiology for research, which would have otherwise been unfeasible. The award has also been a great learning experience on how to formulate, write and execute a grant.”
Ms Chuang Xue Ling
Year 3 Duke-NUS Medical Student,
Student Council Member,


The Duke-NUS MSF is open to Duke-NUS Medical Students who meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Undertaking Year 3 research/scholarly project in JULY 2019 with a mentor from SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) who is in the list of Duke-NUS Approved Research Mentor/Co-Mentor.

Note: To be a Duke-NUS Approved Research Mentor/Co-Mentor, the faculty may apply directly with the Duke-NUS Medical Education, Research & Evaluation(MERE) Department.


Outcomes & Objectives

The Duke-NUS Medical Student and ACP Mentor awardee pairs should successfully complete the projects within the award duration. At the end of the project:

  1. Duke-NUS Medical Students should be role models to their juniors.
  2. There should be an increase in the amount and quality of interaction and stronger partnership between the ACP Mentor and the Duke-NUS Medical Student so that it could provide further opportunities for collaborative projects.
  3. ACP Mentors should be able to identify and assess potential Medical Students with strong academic interest and mentor them in their area of interest.
  4. The ACP should have line-of-sight of potential Medical Students so that they can be further developed should they be part of SingHealth Residency.
  5. The ACP Mentor and his/her host institution are required to submit the necessary Financial Reports (Schedule 2-5) at the end of the Project to the Joint Office of Academic Medicine (Duke-NUS).


Funding Support

Each Duke-NUS Medical Student and ACP Mentor awardee pair will be funded for the students’ Year 3 project. The fund may be used to cover project related operating expenses such as consumables, services fees, overseas travel for projects with SingHealth Duke-NUS Global Health Institute, but not for hiring of permanent manpower services and purchase of equipment.


Application & Review Process

1 July 2019: Opening application for FY2019/20 AM-ETHOS Duke-NUS MSF. Invitation to apply will be sent to Medical Students.

16 Aug 2019: Deadline to submit FY2019/20 AM-ETHOS Duke-NUS MSF Grant application to the Joint Office of Academic Medicine.


All applications will be reviewed by the Duke-NUS MSF Review Panel composed of leaders from the SingHealth Duke-NUS, including SingHealth Residency. 

Each application will be jointly reviewed against a set of rubrics that considers the quality of student's performance, grant writing assessment project assessment.


FY2018 MSF Awardees



Medical Student

Research Mentor & Co-mentor



Lee Li Wen

A/Prof Yeo Cheo Lian

Dr Selina Ho Kah Ying (Co)

Dr Imelda Lustestica (Co)



Karina Ruth Soenjoyo

Dr Ang Seng Bin



Aditya Subramaniam

Dr Chong Shu-Ling

A/Prof Chan Wei Shih Derrick (Co)



Yao Wen Jie Dominic

Dr Lee Jan Hau



Chia Ming Hao Dominic

A/Prof Ng Yee Sien



Lim Ying Jun

Dr Laura Tay Bee Gek

A/Prof Ng Yee Sien (Co)



Quek You Xing Jonathan Caleb

Dr Devanand Anantham



Yip Lijing Samantha

A/Prof Jenny Low Guek Hong



Zhang FuQuan

Dr Lee Haur Yueh



Ng Ho Man

A/Prof Lee Ser Yee

A/Prof Lim Kiat Hon, Tony (Co)



Xue Bai

A/Prof Tan Kwong Wei Emile John


Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Yip Yuen Ting Michelle

Prof Wong Tien Yin


Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Yu Zijun

Prof Cheng Ching-Yu

Prof Wong Tien Yin (Co)



Shankari Ganesan

A/Prof Deidre Anne De Silva



Patrisha Campos Lazatin

Dr Liao Ping



Voon Siew Lian

Prof Tan Eng King

A/Prof Prakash Kumar (Co)



Wu Yilong

A/Prof Ng Wai Hoe

Dr Nicolas Kon Kam King (Co)


Cardiovascular Sciences

Koh Tracy

A/Prof Yeo Khung Keong


Cardiovascular Sciences

Lim En Ning

A/Prof Tan Swee Yaw



Li Yanhui

Dr Iain Tan Bee Huat



Ng Chang Zhi

Dr Yang Meijuan Grace

Prof Cheung Yin Bun (Co)


Anaesthesiology & Perioperative Sciences

Chia Xintian

A/Prof Sng Ban Leong

Prof Alex Sia Tiong Heng (Co)


Anaesthesiology & Perioperative Sciences

Goh Zhaohan

Prof Alex Sia Tiong Heng

A/Prof Sng Ban Leong (Co)


Musculoskeletal Sciences

Kuhataparuks Punn

Prof Lo Ngai Nung

A/Prof Yeo Seng Jin (Co)


Musculoskeletal Sciences

Suh Jimin

A/Prof Yeo Seng Jin


Musculoskeletal Sciences

Tan Chin Chuen

A/Prof Arjandas Mahadev

Dr Kenneth Wong Pak Leung (Co)


Family Medicine

Chua Ing Loon Sean

A/Prof Tan Ngiap Chuan

Prof Truls Østbye (Co)


Family Medicine

Lee Jun Jie 

A/Prof Tan Ngiap Chuan


Family Medicine

Shawn Ng Choon Wee

Dr Low Lian Leng


Emergency Medicine

Jeremy Pong Zhenwen

Dr Liu Nan

Prof Marcus Ong Eng Hock (Co)


Emergency Medicine

Tay Jia Min Pamela

Prof Marcus Ong Eng Hock

Find out more about the list of FY2015, FY2016 & FY2017 MSF Awardees here


Learning Enhancment And Progress (LEAP) Award

LEAP Award is a learning enhancement award for nurturing the awardees’ continual pursuit of excellence in clinical and translational research after completion of the Year 3 project. A further funding will be given to the Medical Student and ACP Mentor pair to support the development of their academic interest, which can be used for additional and continuing academic activities e.g. Training course fee, membership fee, journal subscriptions fee. 


Award Criteria

The LEAP Award will only be given out if the following criteria is met:

  1. Outstanding grade for students' thesis project. 
  2. Considerations based on feedback from Research experience surveys (Medical Student & ACP Mentor) at the end of the Research year
  3. Recommendations from the Duke-NUS Research Curriculum Review Committee (RCRC).
  4. Inputs from AM-ETHOS Duke-NUS MSF review panel

Note: Award is applicable for Year 3 Medical Student and ACP Mentor pairs with graded research projects only.


Check out the LEAP awards 2018 ceremony here

Check out the LEAP awards 2019 ceremony here 


AM-ETHOS Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship FY2017/18 LEAP Awards Recipients

No ACP Medical Student ACP Mentor
1. OBGYN Lim Muhammad Haikal Asyraf

A/Prof Chen Yu Helen

Prof Tan Kok Hian (Co)

2. MED Choo Wen Rong Randall Dr Devanand Anantham
3. NEUROSC Loh Kep Yong Dr Liao Ping
4. NEUROSC Kendra Tang A/Prof Deidre Anne De Silva
5. NEUROSC Jonathan Wu A/Prof Prakash Kumar Manharlal
6. CVS Heng Shu Yun A/Prof Tan Swee Yaw
7. CVS Li Lianjie Anthony A/Prof Sahlen Anders Olof
8. ONCO Tan Si Qi Dr Tan Bee Huat Iain
9. ONCO Toh Ming Ren Dr Ngeow Yuen Yie Joanne
10. ANAES Wang Yijun A/Prof Sng Ban Leong
11. FM Michael Yan Shi Dr Low Lian Leng


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