Golden Apple Awards 2016 Winners


AM•EI is committed to enhancing the capabilities of each and every educator, so as to build the teaching pipeline and better groom generations of healthcare professionals. This supports the spirit of Generativity, which is developing excellent healthcare educators who can contribute to building up other healthcare professionals in a vibrant learning environment that promotes care innovation and improves patient outcomes.

A joint institute by Duke-NUS and SingHealth, AM•EI brings together a community of interprofessional healthcare educators passionate about education. Our members range from senior educators to young Residents, who teach, as well as staff who would like the opportunity to teach, all sharing the common goal to enhance teaching and raise standards in healthcare education.

This is what Academic Medicine education is all about – to develop our healthcare educators so that they can bring out the best in their students and contribute towards better patient care. Building on the collective strengths of SingHealth’s clinical excellence and Duke-NUS’ educational expertise, we facilitate the sharing of best practices in teaching, interaction and teamwork across disciplines. This forms the catalyst for knowledge transfer and the generation of interprofessional learning for more integrated care.

Becoming a member of AM•EI allows you to tap on the invaluable combined expertise of other members and educators. Guidance and mentorship will be provided as you grow as an educator, via the Core Standards for Healthcare Educators Framework.

This website will tell you what it means to be part of the AM•EI community and its many benefits. If you have a passion for healthcare education and yearn to make a difference to future generations of healthcare educators, we invite you to join us today.