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AM•EI Education Grant

The AM•EI Education Grant supports our community of passionate educators in their scholarly efforts to evaluate and improve healthcare education for enhanced learning.

Submit your Letters of Intent (LOI) Application Form by 4 May 2018 to

For more information on the grant categories and important dates, please click here.


About AM•EI Education Grant

One of AM•EI’s goals is to develop faculty as quality and innovative educators who are interested in educational research and scholarship. As such, educators will need to delve into healthcare education literature to look for ways to enhance the learning experience and seek to advance our understanding of best ways to create learning opportunities. 

The AM•EI Education Grant serves as a catalyst to stimulate the development, improvement and implementation of healthcare education research projects, innovative teaching and learning methods, educational assessment tools and strategies, or novel educational technology approaches and tools.

The awarded projects should produce measurable outcomes that can be published in peer-reviewed journal articles or resource-sharing platforms, such as MedEdPortal, thus contributing to the academic community. A successful project should be sustainable and benefit a wide community of learners.

Successful projects will receive funding of up to S$15,000, depending upon the scope and category of application. The Review Committee will decide under which category applications fall. Interprofessional projects are given priority. 


Grant Categories






Award Quantum

Up to S$5,000  Up to S$5,000 Up to S$15,000

Aim of Project

Develop a new educational programme or improve an existing programme using best practices based on literature review.

Evaluate measurable outcomes of an educational programme by using an approach based on literature review.

Conduct research on a significant problem to develop educational theories or find solution(s) to an existing education problem.

Phase 1: Letter of Intent (LOI)

LOI Application Form

*Note: The Letter of Intent should include details on what the project is about, why it should be funded, and how it will be designed, implemented and evaluated.


Phase 2:

Full Grant Proposal

(By Invitation Only)

The Grant Application Form will be sent to the successful LOI applicants at the end of Phase 1.


















Who is Eligible to Apply?

The AM•EI Education Grant is only available for members of AM•EI. Join us as a member here today! 

View the Terms and Conditions of the grant. 

Application Process

The AM•EI Education Grant Call is a two-stage application process:

1. Educators are invited to submit their Letter of Intent (LOI) by 4 May 2018 to

2. Educators, whose Letters of Intent have been shortlisted are invited to submit a full grant proposal. All completed Grant Application Forms should be submitted by 4 September 2018 to

Important Dates To Note

Important Dates


6 Mar 2018

"Tips on Writing Letter of Intent" Workshop

1.00PM - 5.00PM, Duke-NUS, Level 3. Training Room 3D

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12 Mar 2018

"Tips on Writing Letters of Intent" Workshop

1.30PM - 5.30PM; CGH, Integrated Building, Level 3, Room 6

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4 May 2018

Closing Date for submission of Letter of Intent (LOI)

Download and complete the LOI Application Form and send it to

Jun 2018

Announcement of LOI Results

Shortlisted LOI applicants will be invited to submit full grant proposals

10 Jul 2018

"Tips on Writing Education Grants" Workshop

1.00PM - 5.00PM; Duke-NUS, Level 3, Training Room 3D

For shortlisted LOI applicants.


 16 Jul 2018

"Tips on Writing Education Grants" Workshop

1.30PM - 5.30PM; CGH, Integrated Building, Level 3, Room 6

For shortlisted LOI applicants.


4 Sep 2018

Closing Date for shortlisted applicants to submit full grant proposals

Download and complete the respective Grant Application Form and send it to


For enquiries on application of the grant, please email


Nov 2018

Announcement of Grant Results


AM•EI Education Grant Review Process 

The review is done by the AM•EI Scholarship Committee (AM•EI-SC). The review criteria for both the Letter of Intent (LOI) Stage and the Full Proposal Stage are publicised on the AM•EI Education Grant Call Page.

The AM•EI-SC uses a double-blinded review process.

Should a AM•EI-SC Grant Reviewer be a member of any project teams, to avoid any conflict of interest, that member will recuse himself/herself from the review process. The AM•EI-SC Secretariat oversees this review process.


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