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Over the years, we have had educators who are passionate in education and strive to innovate in academic excellence. 

Education Research (Journals) 

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Education Research (Abstracts) 

Abstract Competition (Education Research Category);

Best Oral Paper (Education Research)

Ms Cherie Ng

Department of Neurology

National Neuroscience Institute

Topic: Does Team-Based Learning Improve Clinical Reasoning in Neurology?


Best Poster (Education Research) 

Dr Hee Hwan Ing

Paediatric Anaesthesia

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Topic: Anaesthetists in Training-stress at Work and Job Satisfaction


Best Poster (Education Research)

Assoc Prof Swapna Verma

Clinical and Faculty Affairs

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

Topic: The Impact of Psychiatry Rotation on Attitudes to Psychiatry


Young Scientist Award (Education Research)

Ms Chuah Pei Fen

Medical Oncology

Singapore General Hospital

Topic: A Qualitative Study about Oncology Nurses' Experiences of Providing Palliative Care in the Acute Care Setting


Click here to read all submitted abstracts (Education Research Category) for the SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2014. 


Education Research (Consultation Clinics)

For members interested in healthcare educational research, AM•EI serves as a valuable resource base for the building of expertise in this domain. In addition, AM•EI helps members by providing personalised mentorship and consultancy sessions on education research. The Education Research Consultation clinics provide mentoring sessions to help healthcare educators design and refine educational research questions, establish suitable research methods, data analysis and statistics support, and offer advice for publication write-up.