Education Research Consultation

Healthcare education research is the study and evaluation of teaching and learning in the academic medicine environment. Such scholarly approach is an effective way to evaluate the quality and impact of healthcare education in both classroom and clinical setting. A thoughtful, rigourous, evidenced-based education curriculum can lead to innovative methods of teaching that improves the quality of future healthcare professions’ education and ultimately improve patient care.

The AM•EI serves as a resource base to members who are interested in healthcare educational research and build their expertise that will lead to the publication of evaluation and research findings. AM•EI will work with its members in their development of the educational research/evaluation methodology, as well as support and mentor members in the translation and application of their educational findings into practical approaches. It will also provide inter-disciplinary platforms for educators to network, exchange ideas and build collaborations.

Education Research Consultation

The education research consultation is a mentoring session to help educator design and refine educational research questions, establish suitable research method, data analysis and statistics support and advice for publication write-up.

Usually, educators will meet once or twice to firm up the education research goal and framework. If there is a need to meet up more often, a suitable timeline may be agreed between the educator and faculty.  

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