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Interprofessional education: you're probably doing it wrong  | November 2017 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Professor Chay Oh Moh, Chair of SingHealth Academy's College of Clinical Medicine, shared that Interprofessional Education (IPE) is where different healthcare providers come together and "learn with, learn from and learn about each other". IPE can save lives, reduce healthcare costs and add value to every encounter between patients and medical professionals, but only when it's put into practice. Read the full article here.

Launch of the STRoke Inter-Professional Education (STRIPE) Programme  | September 2017 | Local news media

The STRoke Inter-Professional Education (STRIPE) Programme was launched at the 3rd SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference. 
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Rules to expand roles of nurses, enhance healthcare workforce under review  | September 2017 | Channel News Asia

Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State for Health noted in his opening address for the 3rd SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference that the Ministry of Health (MOH) will review its rules and policies to allow nurses to expand their roles and take on more complex duties.

The event also saw the launch of three new inter-professional education (IPE) training programmes at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre: The Stroke IPE Programme, IPE Common Care Pathway for Childhood Asthma and Learning for Inter-Professional Patient-Centric Approach to Diabetes Management. Read the full article here. 

Healthcare professionals commended for contributions to education  | September 2015 | Local news media

A total of 17 healthcare professionals have been recognised at the AM•EI Golden Apple Awards 2015 for their outstanding efforts in training and tutoring the next generation of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. 
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Watch the news report on Channel News Asia here.

Local health profession schools see increased intake of students  | September 2015 | Lianhe Zaobao

Dr Lam Pin Min, Minister of State for Health noted in his opening address for the 2nd SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference that the number of students admitted to local health profession schools have seen an increase of 10 to 30 percent as compared to three years ago. Interprofessional healthcare education plays an important role in advancing patient care in 21st century healthcare systems.

Prof Lim Shih Hui, Group Director of Education, SingHealth noted that the biennial Education Conference provides a platform for the sharing of best practices amongst healthcare professions and brings together the best in healthcare education to spark off greater opportunities in learning. Ms Tan Hui Li, Advanced Practice Nurse, winner of the AM•EI Golden Apple Awards 2015 Outstanding Educator Award shared, "If we can teach well, our learners will be able to advance their learning to the bedside, ultimately resulting in improved patient care.". Read the full article here.

Highlights of the 2nd SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference | September 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Jointly organised by AM•EI, SingHealth Residency and SingHealth Academy, the 2nd SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference brought together more than 1,000 educators across various healthcare professions. Read about highlights of the plenary sessions and education tracks. 

Day One Highlights  |  Day Two Highlights

Why teach? | August 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Dr Zheng Zhongxi, Senior Resident, SingHealth Anaesthesiology Residency Programme,  is an accidental medical educator. His profession as an anaesthetist uniquely positioned him to initiate intimate one-on-one conversations with his attached students and he has found that it is much more productive to effect change in patient safety through teaching. Read about his opinions on how near-peer teachers can make an impact. Read the full article here.

Leadership is no longer a soft skill | August 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Health profession schools, including medical schools, traditionally focus on teaching basic sciences and clinical skills. As care delivery becomes increasingly complex, diagnosing disease and its management is not enough to promote health or save lives. Soft skills such as leadership and teamwork, are now key competencies required to deliver effective patient care. Read the full article here.

Healthcare Professionals Honoured for Teaching | August 2015 | TODAY

Prof Lim Shih Hui, Group Director, Education and Co-Director of AM•EI was presented with the National Outstanding Clinician Educator Award. As an educator, Prof Lim believes firmly that the goal of education is learning and not merely in teaching. He believes that it is through explaining a concept to a student that an educator is able to learn the most, as he is required to first understand the subject thoroughly. Read the full article here.

Education Research: Dr Hee Hwan Ing | July 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

For Dr Hee Hwang Ing, Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesia, KKH, 21st century medicine demands the need for medical innovation and effective healthcare education. Understanding the learning and training needs of trainess will allow mentors to better nurture them in a vibrant, positive learning environment.  Read the full article here.

New Generativity Award for Education Torchbearers | June 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

A new AM•EI Golden Apple Awards category has been established in recognition of individuals who have selflessly committed themselves to guiding younger healthcare professionals. The awards, named, 'Generativity Award for Educators’, seeks to raise the profile of educators in SingHealth and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School whose passion in teaching has inspired their learners. Understand from Prof Bob Kamei, Director of AM•EI, and Prof Lim Shih Hui, Co-Director of AM•EI, what 'Generativity' stands for. Read the full article here.

Education Research: Assoc Prof Fatimah Lateef | June 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Assoc Prof Fatimah Lateef, Director, Institute of Medical Simulation and Education (IMSE), SingHealth talks about her varied interests in education research. To Prof Lateef, education research can help change the way we teach. Having a open mindset to review and see which teaching methods or combinations, are best – or even innovating new methods, is a crucial element for all educators. Read the full article here.

A greater boost for educators at the 2nd SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference | May 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Assoc Prof Tan Hak Koon and Assoc Prof Sandy Cook, Co-organising Chairpersons for the Conference this year share their thoughts on this biennial conference that brings together interprofessional educators, professionals and trainees to learn and exchange best practices to raise the standard of healthcare education. Read the full article here.

Principles and Pedagogy: Assoc Prof Lai Siang Hui | April 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Assoc Prof Lai Siang Hui, Program Director, SingHealth Pathology Residency Program and AM•EI Pioneer Fellow advocates the principle of making use of every opportunity to educate. Prof Lai opines that faculty development is the way forward to equip educators with skills and knowledge to develop their experience, cultivate their attitude and build their careers as medical educators. Read the full article here.

Making mentorship count | February 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Dr Daniel Ting, Chief Resident, SingHealth Ophthalmology Residency Program shares about the value of cultivating a strong student-mentor relationship and how the feedback from his mentors on his strengths and weaknesses has moulded him in his journey as a Resident, as well as, created opportunities for him to reach greater achievements in his learning journey. Read the full article here.

Using Video Technology to Enhance Learning | February 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Technological advancements in video capture and technology has led to increased use of videos to enhance medical education and learning. Learners become more attentive and are able to process information with a better frame of mind when learning from a video review. Video recordings can also directly play a significant role in improving patient care. Read the full article here.

Teaching from the heart | January 2015 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Dr Tan Ju Le, Senior Consultant and Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) programme at NHCS, feels that it is her responsibility as a clinician to pass the baton on, through education and teaching. Read the full article here.

SGH nurse on educating future nurses | October 2014 | Berita Harian

Ms Jumaiah Jumari, Nurse Educator at the SingHealth Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing, was one of the 8 winners who won the 2014 AM•EI Golden Apple Awards. Jumaiah is among the 93 nursing educators and clinical instructors working in healthcare institutions under SingHealth, and their job scope include identifying, planning and running effective training programmes. She was featured for her dedication and commitment in educating future nurses. Read the full article here.

The scholarship of education | August 2014 | Tomorrow's Medicine 

Assoc Prof Sandy Cook, Chief Pedagogy, AM•EI writes on the one of the key misconceptions our healthcare educators have, as they consider an appointment as a clinician educator, is that to be academic or scholarly in education means you must do high-quality research and publish in high impact factor journals. She debunks the assumption with the AM•EI Education Portfolio which highlights these domains of scholarship to support academic promotion in SingHealth and Duke-NUS. Read the full article here.

Are you scholarly? | July 2014 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Dr Ong Hwee Kuan, AM•EI Pioneer Fellow, expunges the myth that scholarly work is for the elite. She contributes growth in the scholarly work among SingHealth’s AHPs to various enabling factors such as the changing culture, availability of expert consult, and training resources from AM•EI and AMRI etc. Read the full article here.

Making an impact on healthcare education May 2014 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Prof Robert Kamei & Assoc Prof Koo Wen Hsin, Co-Group Directors of AM•EI speak on their bold goal of creating an inclusive and interprofessional community of educators that will develop better ways of teaching, tapping on the spirit of Generativity, as well as, the achievements of their first cohort of the AM•EI Fellows Programme.  Read the full article here 

Rethinking healthcare leadership | April 2014 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Prof Arpana Vidyarthi, AM•EI educator, speaks on the rise of healthcare educators actively stepping up to take on larger roles in improving in education to improve the healthcare system. She also shares on the upcoming AM•EI Education Leadership Programme (AMLead), which aims to equip educators with key leadership skills in their education leadership roles.

Learning beyond the boundaries | October 2013| Tomorrow's Medicine

Prof Chay Oh Moh, Campus Director, Education Office (KKH Campus) and Organising Chairperson of the SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference 2013, speaks on the importance of recognising good team communication and collaboration as critical to enhancing the continuity of care, improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Read the full article here

Value of humanistic approach to patient care | September 2013 | Tomorrow's Medicine

Prof Bill Branch, author of numerous papers published in peer reviewed journals and the founder of the Primary Care Residency at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 1974, speaks about the humanistic role doctors have to make patients feel better and to alleviate their suffering. Read the full article here

Doctors learn how to be better teachers | December 2012 |  The Straits Times

AM•EI is a new institute that was launched in September 2012 with the aim to raise the standard of "on-the-job" teaching for clinicians. Prof Robert Kamei and Assoc Prof Koo Wen Hsin, Co-Group Directors of AM•EI speak about the initiative and its visionRead the full article here.

AM•EI Inserts 

1) AM•EI celebrates its 2nd year Anniversary | September 2014.

Read the anniversary special and get insights into the latest education initiatives on campus and various collaborative efforts that were implemented to enhance the teaching competencies of our community of interprofessional educators . Click here to read the full article

 2) AM•EI Education Insert | April 2013

Read on SingHealth's and Duke-NUS's joint commitment to advance healthcare education and embrace lifelong learning for one purpose – improving  patients’ lives.  AM•EI fellows Adj Assoc Prof Yong Wei Sean and Ms Goh Soo Cheng share the importance of Generativity. Echoing this sentiment is Resident Educator, Dr Mark Cheah. Click here to read the full article