The SingHealth and Duke-NUS Academic Medicine partnership builds on the collective clinical strengths of the SingHealth Group with Duke-NUS’ research and medical education capabilities.

Together, we create a vibrant academic nexus for new discoveries, learning and care innovation – and bring it to where it matters most: Our Patients.

Our Academic Medicine partnership reflects the relentless pursuit of care improvements through research and innovation, and our commitment to share medical knowledge and inspire the next generation to do likewise.

Like in many academic medical centres in the world, the partnership between a healthcare provider and university provides a synergistic framework where research, scholarly work and education contribute to the advancement of patient care. Our journey in Academic Medicine is guided by our desire to improve patients’ lives and transform Medicine.

Our Academic Medicine efforts are enhanced with the establishment of the Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs) and joint institutes, including the Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM·EI) and Academic Medicine Research Institute (AMRI) which facilitate the active growth and development of driven scientists and educators into the SingHealth Duke-NUS family.

Through this dynamic collaboration model, our clinician researchers work closely with scientists while clinician educators mentor medical students and healthcare learners. The result?  We bring new discoveries from bench to bedside and build pipelines of outstanding Academic Clinicians who can define Tomorrow’s Medicine and provide leading edge, cost-effective and patient-centred care.

Transforming Medicine since 2005

The SingHealth Duke-NUS partnership began in 2005. Our ACPs have flourished in the areas of research and education, spurred by the guidance provided by the esteemed Academic Medical Advisory Council.

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Sprouting from the academic fervour are SingHealth Duke-NUS Disease Centres (SDDCs), taking multidisciplinary practice to a higher level and enabling subspecialties across ACPs to come together and offer patient-centered care. The SDDCs break away from the traditional hospital setting, graduating to disease-based care, where patients receive holistic care from a broader base of healthcare professionals without the need to travel to multiple institutions.

Reinforcing transformation in clinical services are research collaborations between the ACPs and Duke-NUS’ Signature Research Programmes, culminating in the formation of national research institutes for cardiovascular, neuroscience and health services study. These institutes focus on fostering research collaboration, developing core facilities and encouraging further collaborations between scientists and clinicians to improve patient care.

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The Academic Medicine – Enhancing Training, Healthcare, Outcomes & Standards (AM-ETHOS) is a set of initiatives that supports our Medical Students, Faculty, Administrators and Staff. AM-ETHOS aims to build strategic capabilities within the AMC to advance Medicine and improve patients’ lives.

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