SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC Announces the Launch of Two New Academic Clinical Programmes

July 1, 2016

28 June 2016



Dear Colleagues,




Our Academic Medical Centre is fortunate and grateful to have had Prof London Lucien Ooi and his team helm SingHealth Duke-NUS Surgery Academic Clinical Programme (SURG ACP) in its initial pioneering phase of academic development. They made significant contributions bringing the entire surgical fraternity into the practice of academic medicine. SURG ACP had helped nourish the academic potential of clinicians in Musculoskeletal Sciences, Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Sciences disciplines, which prepared them for their own ACPs.

In the next phase of academic development, a new slate of leaders has been appointed to lead SURG ACP. They are:

  • Adj Asst Prof Tan Hiang Khoon, Academic Chair
  • Adj Assoc Prof Kevin Lim Boon Leong, Academic Deputy Chair
  • Adj Assoc Prof Henry Ho Sun Sien, Academic Vice Chair, Research
  • Assoc Prof Ong Hock Soo, Academic Vice Chair, Clinical
  • Asst Prof Chong Tze Tec, Academic Vice Chair, Education (Undergraduate)
  • Adj Assoc Prof Caroline Ong Choo Phaik, Academic Vice Chair, Education (Postgraduate)
  • Adj Assoc Prof Melissa Teo Ching Ching, Academic Vice Chair, Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

We are pleased to announce the launch of two SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programmes (ACP) – Anaesthesiology & Perioperative Sciences ACP (ANAES ACP) and Musculoskeletal Sciences ACP (MSKSC ACP) with effect from 1 July 2016.


Anaesthesiology & Perioperative Sciences Academic Clinical Programme (ANAES ACP)

Adj Associate Professor Ruban Poopalalingam has been appointed Academic Chair of ANAES ACP. Other key leadership appointees in this ACP are:

  • Adj Asst Prof Tan Swee Kim Josephine, Academic Deputy Chair
  • Adj Asst Prof Teo Li Ming, Academic Vice Chair, Clinical Quality & Services
  • Prof Hwang Nian Chih, Academic Vice Chair, Education
  • Asst Prof Sng Ban Leong, Academic Vice Chair, Research
  • Adj Assoc Prof Chan Yew Weng, Director, Special Projects and Innovations (SPRINT)

ANAES ACP brings together three Anaesthesiology departments in SGH and KKH. It aims to harness the strengths and resources across the various institutions to create a synergistic, vibrant and sustainable framework for clinical services, research, education and strategic programmes related to Anaesthesiology.

The ACP will also leverage the academic foundation of Duke-NUS Medical School to excel in Perioperative Sciences and to improve clinical outcomes.


Musculoskeletal Sciences Academic Clinical Programme (MSKSC ACP)

Adj Associate Professor Tan Mann Hong has been appointed Academic Chair of MSKSC ACP. He will be supported by:

  • Adj Assoc Prof Tan Bien Keem, Academic Deputy Chair
  • Assoc Prof Tan Seang Beng, Academic Vice Chair, Clinical Services
  • Adj Assoc Prof Arjandas s/o Mahadev, Academic Vice Chair, Education
  • Adj Assoc Prof Howe Tet Sen, Academic Vice Chair, Research
  • Adj Prof Tan Kok Chai, Academic Vice Chair, Strategic Initiatives

Clinical specialties in Orthopaedic Surgery, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and Hand Surgery across SGH, KKH and Sengkang Health (SKH) will be part of MSKSC ACP.

The ACP will integrate clinical care for musculoskeletal patients and enhance generalist skill-sets for the holistic development of surgical trainees. It will identify and launch initiatives that can further strengthen its academic endeavours, develop strategic research activities and establish a philanthropic culture within the ACP.

The birth of these two new ACPs, within the entire surgical community, will bring sharper focus to their respective academic portfolios. These teams will be building upon the foundations already laid by SURG ACP to make greater advances for their specialties.

With the addition of ANAES ACP and MSKSC ACP, we now have 13 ACPs in the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre. The list of all ACPs and their respective Academic Chairs are listed in
Annex A.

We look forward to further transformation of patient care in Anaesthesiology, Perioperative Sciences and Musculoskeletal Sciences through our academic investments in these disciplines. Please join us in congratulating all the above academic leaders. We thank them for their commitment and wish them all the best in their new appointments.


Yours sincerely,

Prof Ivy Ng
Group CEO, SingHealth
Co-Chair, Academic Medicine
Executive Committee

Prof Thomas Coffman
Dean, Duke-NUS Medical School
Co-Chair, Academic Medicine
Executive Committee


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