Need ideas on how to start writing that academic medicine paper, research grants or administrative best practices? Get tips from our faculty and clinicians by clicking on any of the links here to view the Voice Annotated Presentations (VAPs), or download the forms you require to complete the research proposal protocols.

Writing a Paper/Journal

  1. How to write a peer-reviewed journal (AMRI VAP)
  2.  Medical Education (Medical Education Publications -

Research related resources

  1. Developing a research grant proposal (AMRI VAP)
  2. CIRB forms (PDFs - Office of Research, SingHealth)
  3. Research Cores (Office of Research, SingHealth)

Other resources

  1. Gateway to Learning (Duke-NUS)
  2. AM•EI Course Curriculum
  3. AM Administrator Toolkit
  4. Contact list & Abbreviations from Clinician’s Handbook


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