Keynote Lecture

The Role of Mindfulness in Cultivating Healthy Healthcare Professionals

Date: 27 Sep 2019  |  Time: 0945 - 1030  |  Location: Academia, Auditorium

Speaker: Dr Maura Kenny

High levels of stress and burnout are common in the healthcare profession (30-70%) with detrimental effects on concentration and focus, clinical error rates and health and wellbeing. This issue needs to be addressed as the healthcare professionals’ well-being has a direct impact on patient safety and outcome. One approach that has been gaining popularity is that of Mindfulness, which aims to cultivate healthier workplaces.

This lecture will share on the success of the six-week Mindful Self Care course in two Local Health Networks, that has been implemented within the South Australian public health system for several years. The course was designed and developed by Dr Maura Kenny to introduce mindfulness meditation practice as a response to the worrying Australian mental health statistics of doctors and medical students (beyondblue, 2013).

The course has benefitted healthcare professionals in Victoria and South Australia. It has become part of a range of interventions designed to cultivate healthier workplaces, to ensure the onus is not just put back on the already stressed individual practitioner. It has been shown that participants learn to manage stress better through the use of mindfulness practices and self-compassion. 

Future directions in research and skilful implementation of such courses will also be discussed.


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