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Dr Crystal Lim
Master Medical Social Worker, Medical Social Services,
Singapore General Hospital


Dr Crystal Lim, Master Medical Social Worker, is the Clinical Lead for Medical Social Services and Transplant Ethics Lead in SingHealth Transplant at the Singapore General Hospital.  She attained her PhD in social work and Master of Arts in Bioethics from University of Pittsburgh, and her Master of Social Work from University of Washington. Her past and current clinical specialisations include transplant social work, bioethics, nephrology social work, difficult conversations, grief and bereavement work, and family violence intervention.  Her practice has taught her the value of exploring patients’ narratives as a way of connecting with their illness experience and enriching the therapeutic relationship.  She has extensive experience in developing and teaching undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programmes in social work, as well as training healthcare professionals in clinical ethics and patient communication. Dr Lim has received several awards in recognition of her clinical excellence and commitment.

Dr Crystal Lim's Session