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Dr Irene Lee Cheng Jie
Senior Associate, MD Programme, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore


Dr Lee Cheng Jie, Irene (PhD) is a Biochemist and Cell Biologist at Duke-NUS Medical School. She has been working extensively to characterise the underlying signal transduction involved in unfolded protein response, a homeostatic cascade activated to combat cellular stress. With her strong passion in medical education, she partook a year-long post-doctoral fellowship in medical education at Duke-NUS Medical School.

Given her background as a basic scientist, she is significantly involved in the Year 1 preclinical curriculum and also serves as the course director for GMS1000 Premedical module. She has conducted several series of “Learning Strategies” workshops to better support students’ learning. Dr Lee aims to combine her past experience and passion for teaching in promoting excellence in medical education. She also has keen interest in conducting educational research to encourage the science of education.

Dr Irene Lee Cheng Jie's Session