2nd AM Leaders Forum

The 2nd annual AM Leaders Forum was held on 14 March 2015 with the theme, ‘Measuring Success in AM’. Two renowned academic-clinicians from Duke Medicine were invited for this Forum, namely Dr Thomas Ortel, Professor of Medicine & Professor of Pathology, Duke Medicine and Dr Jeffrey Ferranti, Chief Information Officer, Duke Medicine.


Above: Dr Thomas Ortel speaking at the AM Leaders Forum;

Below: Dr Jeffrey Ferranti sharing at the AM Leaders Forum



As Dr Ortel previously held the position of Academic Vice Chair, Research, Department of Medicine in Duke Medicine; and so his talk was entitled ‘How to be a Successful Academic Vice Chair, Research?’. Dr Ferranti shared on how Informatics and its applications can coontribute immensely to the AM enterprise, drawing on his experience of spearheading the development of Duke Enterprise Data Unified Content Explorer (DEDUCE) and the Duke Integrated Subject Cohort Enrollment Research (DISCERN) at Duke University Medical Center.




Above: Academic Vice Chairs, Research/ Leads having their discussion,

Below: Assoc Prof Wong Kok Seng facilitated the Academic Vice Chairs, Clinical/ Leads discussion



The ACP Key Appointment Holders also held discussions within their respective portfolio on how ACP can measure success in its AM mission. This was then followed by a group presentation at the later part of the Forum. All in all, it was a well-spent Saturday with many new ideas brainstormed! 


Group picture taken at the 2nd AM Leaders Forum

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