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Singapore is faced with an increasing demand for healthcare services that are accessible and affordable to Singaporeans, against a backdrop of rising patients’ expectations, ageing population, increased prevalence of chronic diseases and emergence of new disease patterns. 

Academic Medicine is a transformational journey that has been undergoing over the seven years and will change the way we deliver care to patients. We want to build a culture of always seeking better outcomes for patients – by diagnosing them earlier and more accurately and by providing more effective treatments. It requires that we have a fiery spirit of inquiry and bringing questions from bedside to the bench and back to the bedside for the right solutions. It is about harnessing the synergies of education and research to innovate care and meet our patients’ needs for the future.

The path to distinguishing ourselves as an Academic Healthcare Cluster is a difficult and challenging one. But it is one which builds resilience and tenacity in our people as we push the frontiers of Medicine so that our patients’ lives can be better. We look forward to making progress in the journey ahead as, together, we focus on Defining Tomorrow’s Medicine, Improving Patients’ Lives.

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