The Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship (Duke-NUS MSF) is an AM-ETHOS initiative which provides academic support to awardees undertaking their year 3 scholarly project with a faculty mentor from the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs). Through emplacement in the ACPs, awardees are enriched with first-hand experiences in our academic health system.

On 23 Mar 2018, we celebrated the successful Fellowship completion of our AM-ETHOS Duke-NUS Medical Student Fellowship (MSF) awardees (Class of 2018) and appreciating the ACP mentors who have supported them through their journey.

Among the MSF awardees, 7 medical student-mentor/co-mentor pairs have been awarded The Learning Enhancement And Progress (LEAP) award, which was given out as top honours to the most outstanding student awardees and ACP mentors.

MSF awardee - Gwen Hwarng sharing her Medical Student AM-ETHOS Fellowship journey

MSF awardee – Winfred Goh thanking his ACP mentor for the guidance throughout his AM-ETHOS Fellowship.

Prof Tan Kok Hian sharing the Academic Medicine career pathway with the medical students

Congratulations to all the LEAP Award winners!

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