Our patients remain at the heart of all we do. Sometimes, they come to the fore as shining models of inspiration. They motivate our staff to higher standards of care and encourage other patients in their healing. But at all times, they stand with us – hand in hand and side by side as we plan and work with them on their journey to recovery.

We can do this because behind every patient at SingHealth is a group of dedicated healthcare professionals, a set of sound governance practices, and an infrastructure centred around people. As we embark on this important journey of Academic Medicine, we remain focused on what all these mean to those most important to us – You.

“Reassured to be cared for by physicians who are in the forefront of clinical research and medical education.”

“Clinicians who are up-to-date and keep abreast of latest advancements in medicine.”

“Good quality and evidence-based delivery of clinical care that is consistent at all times.”

“Excellent quality, affordable and holistic care, with access to cutting-edge treatments and diagnostics.”

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