studentsThe AM partnership is an excellent step towards receiving the best education and training possible. By having a strong Faculty that straddles the best of  the clinical, research, and education worlds, students reap the benefits of learning to meet the goal of "improving patient lives". With the variety of academic clinical programs emerging at SingHealth, students quickly grasp that there is more than one way to improve the lives of their patients.

Dr Rachel Ng, Duke-NUS Medical Graduate, Class of 2013: “My goal for the future is to be a Clinical Educator. I have an equal passion for teaching and geriatrics, and through education I hope to inspire younger doctors in the future to join the fraternity and help the elderly.”

 Dr Darryl Lim, SingHealth Resident – Surgery: “Medical learning should not be just by rote and can come in many different forms. Problem-based learning and on-the-job training provides a bigger picture to supplement the usual lectures and tutorials. This is especially pertinent in the field of Medicine where the permanence of change brings about a unique challenge in that we have to keep abreast of ongoing technological and medical advances. Continuous learning will ensure that we are up to date with such changes.”


Academic Staff

staff Playing an integral role in shaping Academic Medicine brings about a strong sense of purpose in an environment where cutting-edge research and clinical studies are strongly integrated. “As an economist who does public health research on obesity, my work does not end when I get home. In fact, sometimes that is where it starts. Ultimately, my goal is to conduct research that can improve the lives of families like mine for generations to come. Duke-NUS is a great place to conduct that research." - Eric Finklestein, Associate Professor & Deputy Director, Health Services & Systems Research Program, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.


Professional and Non-Academic Staff

nonacademicstaffThe many opportunities that are available to develop synergistic relationships and collaborations contribute positively to the growth and value of Duke-NUS. Over time, staff can expect to see the development of larger scale programs and activities with access to a wider range of expertise and services, and varied platforms that enhances the mission of Duke-NUS. For example, Shanthi Kannan, a staff from the Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders Program, was given the opportunity to organize and oversee a PhD program under the guidance of her immediate superior.

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