Prof Ivy Ng: “Academic Medicine is a culture of always seeking a better tomorrow for our patients. It’s never being satisfied with the care that we give today.” 
Prof Thomas Coffman: "The SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre has become a superb platform for enhancing our education and translational research programmes, allowing full expression of our efforts to transform medicine for patients here in Singapore.  
Prof Soo Khee Chee: “Our strengths in research will enable us to differentiate the care we deliver to patients. To establish ourselves as a healthcare leader in the region, we must tap on the intellectual resource of our people, leverage on cutting-edge technology and constantly explore innovative solutions to problems. By partnering with Duke-NUS, we will be able to access a network of world-class research resource to help us advance medicine and achieve the best clinical outcomes for patients.”
Prof Ang Chong Lye: “We have in our midst great clinicians, great teachers and great researchers. But, Academic Medicine is not about one doctor doing all three. It is a
mindset shift where we constantly look for better ways to improve care for patients and also take responsibility for mentorship and teaching. An Academic Clinician is one who is thoughtful, works in collaboration and is not afraid to pioneer new pathways.”



Prof Pat Casey: “Advances in medicine are driven both from discoveries made in basic science and from pursuing questions that first arise from a doctor’s assessment of a patient. In an academic medicine environment, the researchers and medical practitioners working together in teams greatly accelerates the pace at which medically-important discoveries are made and actually applied for the benefit of the patient.”
Prof Robert Kamei: “There has always been great teachers in the Singapore public hospitals. Academic Medicine provides additional incentives for faculty to become more skilled as teachers. It also recognises those who come up with ways to better educate our students through innovative curriculum or improved pedagogical approaches.”

Prof Wong Tien Yin: “The Clinician Scientist perspective is important because they are the bridge between basic science and the clinical community.”


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